Early this week, I had taken upon myself to share my experience of installing WSS on a DC. If you read this post, you will know what I am talking about.

I know, I was going to do some core troubleshooting and under the hood stuff, but lets roll over with some basics.

I have had some people contact me for help with SharePoint, so I would dedicate this post to them.

Download Windows SharePoint Services (Free! if you have Windows 2003 License)

Download .NET Framework (x86) – Redistributable Package


Download .NET Framework (x64) – Redistributable Package

If you want to install Windows SharePoint Services unattended, follow these steps:

Extract files from SharePoint.exe to a folder. In my example, I will use folder WSSV3.

So the command to extract the files to a folder on C: named WSSV3 is

sharepoint.exe /extract: c:wssv3

Done! You have all your SharePoint files extracted to a folder in c:

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