Time to upgrade your TLA plugin. TLA has updated their WP-Plugin to incorporate their new Post Level Text Links Ads.

What is this Post Level Text Link Ads?

post_level_examplepost_level_example Hosted on Zooomr

With the growth of social networking news sites individual blog posts can be very valuable in terms of traffic and direct links to these specific posts. You can now sponsor these specific posts with our new Post Level Text Link Ads. Only one ad will be served at the bottom of the post and it will allow you to have a full 80 character title and 150 letter description.

– You will still have editorial control for each link purchased if you have opted for editorial control for your regular Text Link Ads.

– Pricing is set automatically and is lower on a per link basis then typical homepage placed Text Link Ads.

– No extra coding work for you, we sync all of your posts automatically with our new WP plugin.

– If you regular Text Link Ads are sold out you will now have new inventory to sell.

It means you get more inventory to serve ads on post level if you have used up al spots.

If you have not signed up for Text-Link Ads, sign up now.

Upgrade your plugin.