Thats exactly what it does! Snapshot (screenshots) of almost any webpage. It shows a thumbnail of the webpage, before you click on it.

Thats the snapshot my blog, I got after typing in


It’s got some cool tools, including 2 plugin for WordPress as well!!!

Some plugins and useful implementations using WebSnapr:

  • WebSnapr Preview Bubble: A simple, unobtrusive script used to display an overlay bubble showing a hyperlink target thumbnail. Author: Xavier Larrea.
  • Preview bubble of
  • Image0 Thumb12
  • WP-Websnapr WordPress plugin: Automatically allows visitors to preview your post’s linked websites by using Websnapr service. Author: Andres Santos.
  • Snapr WordPress plugin: Another WP plugin that integrates the WebSnapr service in your blog. Author: XSBlog2.0

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