I would like to thank you readers and rss subscribers for getting this blog subscribers past 200 today. The numbers were hovering around the 180 mark for quite some time and at one stage it reached the teaser number 199! 🙂

Today it has crossed the 214 mark! As you will notice, this is RSS exclusive – meaning this does not appear on the front page of the blog.

As rss subscriber, you will keep receiving exclusive content – speed links that I share quite regularly. If you are one of my SharePoint aficionados, watch out for some cool MOSS content in coming days. I have been wanting to write about my current project in MOSS, but as you will understand, it’s just that everyday there is so much development in that area. To give you a brief – I am working on MOSS deployment – 1300 farm installations – 100% scripted with some stringent requirements 🙂

For other subscribers, look out for some cool content – already scheduled. Until next time…