This week, I came across some interesting blog posts that I am sure you will appreciate.

  1. I downloaded and got a free license key for Parallels Workstation which sells for $50. Credit for this tip goes to Amit. If you are lucky, you can download and get a free license too from here.
  2. I am going to download the office Google SEO book, which is available for free. You may want to do the same, if you write a blog or own a website. Credit for this tip goes to Davinder. Download SEO Guide [548Kb – PDF Format]
  3. I am considering downloading SmartProtect for my Windows Mobile 6. SmartProtect is a freeware anti-theft utility for Windows Mobile devices with GPS & SMS auto-responding capability that helps you track and recover your mobile phone if stolen or lost. It also allows you to send remote SMS based commands to your mobile device such as to delete contacts, restart the phone, etc.
  4. I do have a copy of Windows 7 beta release, just haven’t started using it. I have seen it being used and kind of like the taskbar. If you have seen Windows 7 and want the Windows 7 taskbar then you might want to download the free utility Iconizer that will help the XP user to switch to Windows 7 like taskbar.
  5. Are you game for this? "Make Windows Vista Look Like Windows 7"

Happy New Year! This is the first post for 2009! Let’s get started πŸ™‚ Rock on!