Its never too late! Well, FrankArr and his team love feedbacks and here it is!

If I start with the best part, you won’t read any further 馃槈 so lets start with what needs attention. I will keep it short and to the point.

Wifi: Needed in the areas outside the exhibition areas. No Wifi in the break-out session rooms or just outside these areas is no-go! Especially, when you are waiting to get in.

With Windows Mobile in hand, ActiveSync and ‘push’ email configured – ready to go – what’s missing… duh – connectivity… sort of… since GPRS was available. We really need Wifi everywhere…

Food: Guys, you asked for special dietary requirements when registering. It was disappointing to see what was catered for.

Ok, so you cannot provide very specific requirements. But atleast something decent? In all honesty, choice for vegetarians was limited.

This is echoed by Tejas, my new mate from Tech脗路Ed 2006, on his blog as well…

Why is there not enough vegetarian food at these places compared to the amount of non-veg food they had.


On the brighter side, the sessions that I attended were excellent.

Sessions: I did not have to fallback on ‘Plan B’. Not a single session. Bravo! Before leaving for Tech脗路Ed 2006, I had chalked out 2 sessions per timeslot. If the session did not keep me interested after 10 minutes, I had planned to hop over to the next one.

Bag: Excellent value! Laptop fits in well, does not hurt my back and I still try to remember, what’s in which compartment…. 馃檪

1:1 Speakers This was an excellent value. You can never get enough out of this…. 馃槈

Party: I just checked it out for 15 minutes. STOP. I was just killing on time since flight back to Brisbane was to be 2 hours. I was just waiting to get back to Brisbane since my son was sick – hospitalized. Whoever decided this venue – THUMBS UP! It is the most appropriate selection, given the fact this is Sydney. Big City. Big Night Out.

Online Content: I have just blogged that Tech脗路Ed 2006 session content is available online. Fantastic!! It may have been available always, but this was my Tech脗路Ed, so it’s a value add.

I am looking forward to Tech脗路Ed 2007 when the Wave 12 would have settled… and probably the System Center & Longhorn will be the ‘Tech脗路Speak of the Day!’

Thank you for organizing Tech脗路Ed 2006, great place to network!