One more sync product to use with Google. Earlier, I have blogged about RemoteCalendars – to sync Google Calendar with Outlook and also OggSync – to sync Google Calendar with Windows Mobile.

To add another to the basket, gSyncit.

gSyncit for Microsoft Outlook keeps Microsoft Outlook and your Google calendar in-sync. After installing gSyncit and starting Outlook you’ll find a new toolbar available in Outlook to configure and synchronize your calendars.

  1. Simple and easy to use interface and configuration
  2. ynchronize Google to Outlook calendars.
  3. Synchronize Outlook to Google calendars.
  4. Synchronize events within a predefined range date or day range
  5. Collision detection alerts when an appointment has been modified in both Google and Outlook.
  6. Automated synchronization to keep automatically keep you calendars in sync
  7. Provides access to public and private Google calendars
  8. Provides two-way sync for private calendars

There is a cost involved. USD 9.99