A legend who is no more! I heard the news when in hospital with my .

I just could not come to terms with this news. When I told my wife, she was like ‘huh?” Steve Irwin! All I could say was ‘Yes”

Lets face it, we migrated to Australia in 2003. The first we saw and heard of him was in ads for Quarantine. Then we learned about Australia Zoo and last but not least the son/croc incident.

We have visited Australia Zoo only once expecting to meet him, but that did not happen. Fair enough! However, even though we have known very little about him, our family, including my son are really shocked at what has happened – such a sudden and instant death for a man known for his love for the animals.

Echoing my thoughts – Death is certain but time unknown… Enjoy life everyday, you absolutely don’t know what will happen tomorrow…

At time of posting this site was down, but might be up later sometime. Steve Irwin Tragic Video

Mate! you were the real ambassador for Australia. You will be missed….