This week on, I will share some cool stuff that I have read in my Google Reader.

One Third Of Digg’s Homepage Stories Were Submitted By 30 Users from Connected Internet by Everton – This is indeed a shocker! What do you think?

How to Protect Expensive Mobile Phones, iPods from Water and Dust from Digital Inspiration by Amit Agarwal – Awesome!

Life without Internet – Aussies do you see some similarity here. How to go internet-less for a week from Jason Tsang’s Blog by Jason Tsang

Are you planning to move to WordPress platform for blogging? First timer? Help is on hand. Thanks to QuickOnlineTips for this link.

Get Free Zune! No jokes, this is open to US Residents Only. So what do you have to do to be eligible for Microsoft’s MP3 player? Set your Internet Explorer homepage to be, as easy as that. Go!