Soapbox on MSN Video site has been relaunched. Although Soapbox is still in closed beta and is not accepting new members, existing Soapbox users should still enjoy viewing and uploading privileges. Embedded Videos on Blogs are still open, and do not require a signin to watch.

Via SoapBox Team Blog:

The new Soapbox on MSN video now offers a clean UI with improved navigation and performance.
Some of the Upgraded Features:
– Scalable Page. Change the size of your browser 
   and the thumbnails and page will scale
– New Player with integrated Playlists and
   Progessive Download Indicators.
– Playlist Functionality. Each time you watch
   a video it is automatically added to the playlist.
   The Playlist can also be shared.
– Improved Fullscreen Experience
– Video Gallery Sorts. Sort by Hour, Day etc.
– Updated Embedded Player with clean design
  and Playlist features
Some of the other highlights of Soapbox:
– Single Page browsing and viewing
– Upload Unlimited Video Lengths
– Simultaneously Upload and process Multiple Videos
– Persistent Upload and Process indicator
– Embed Player with Multiple Videos
– HighQuality Video Encoding
– Watch Videos Simultaneously with Friends using
   Messenger Activity Window

Soapbox on MSN Video
Soapbox Team Blog