Did you sign up for the Free SharePoint trial that I have written about, here and here? Ok, if you did not, you still can. Other then sign up, you can actually experience the latest Windows SharePoint Services Application Templates on some demo sites that have been setup, just for demo.

Dustin Miller’sSharePoint Servers. This is the same company as SharePoint Experts. If you read the post on SharePoint Hosting, you will know what I am referring to. 20 Templates available with username SharePointdemouser and password demouser

Ian Morrish – WSS Demo. If you have been using SharePoint, then you would know this man behind WSS Demo. He has made available the templates for evaluation. All 40 Application Templates are available for demo with username demouser and password Templates

Bill Simser – SharePoint MVP. At the moment has only application template to play with. I am sure others are in the ‘pipe’.

If you come across any more, share it with us!

Until then…

Alpesh Nakar