Yes, it’s on again this weekend – November 20, 2010 – online and free. If you have not registered, you can register here – seats are limited since we are unable to use Live Meeting – being down for maintenance at the same time as the event!

We are using Go2Webinar and despite many emails to them, I could not get them to sponsor the event and up the limit on the number of attendees.

So if you have not registered for the event, it’s not too late! We have an impressive line up of speakers from all over the world – I put in my hat for the APAC region Smile

We have speakers from the USA, UK, Jordan, Palestine, India and I would like to thank them all for presenting at this event. Amazing commitment towards the SharePoint community by these folks! For some it’s late night and for other’s  it’s early morning! Look forward to meeting these speakers some day… although I have met few of them already!!!

A big thank you to Michael Lotter for his support – as always!!!

Speakers and their sessions list is available here.

We also have 12 e-books to be raffled at the end of the event – sponsored by O’Reilly – thanks to @meetdux for syncing us up!

This event is on India Time – which is GMT +5.5 hours. Be there if you can!