It’s in news everywhere. If you are into SharePoint, you would have read that SharePoint has passed the DOD 5015.2 certification.

DOD – is Department of Defence (U.S)

Endorsed by the National Archives and Records Administration, the 5015.2 standard on which the DoD certification is based serves as the benchmark for government and corporate organizations that manage records and documents.

Microsoft utilized the SharePoint platform in meeting the DoD 5015.2 criteria, integrating Exchange Server 2007 and extending SharePoint Server 2007’s records management capabilities with an add-on pack that will be available free to customers later this year.


DoD 5015.2 is often considered a comprehensive “fitness test” for a records management system. Since the 5015 requirements were satisfied with either out of the box features or features that were built using known SharePoint extensibility points (e.g. SharePoint event handlers, workflows, content types), the project has been a great case study in the strength of the SharePoint platform. Plus, it’s nice to know that a whole class of customers (i.e. U.S. government agencies) can start using MOSS for records management.


Other enterprise software products that fit the government’s criteria include IBM’s DB2 Records Manager v4.1.2; SAP’s Public Sector Records Management v2.1; EMC’s Records Activator v5.3-MS SharePoint Integration; Interwoven’s RecordsManager v6.0; and CA’s Records Manager v7.5, SR4 (formerly known as MDY FileSurf v7.5, SR4).


In short, U.S military can adopt Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 as their CMS. A fantastic milestone…