Per my previous blog post – Search Admin Component Not Running, it was noted that that for the search admin component to run, you would need at least 3 additional hot fixes &  if that didn’t work running a windows update and installing all the missing updates would certainly fix the Search Admin Component Not Running issue.

Todd Klindt also has blogged about the 3 missing pre-requisites in his blog post.

Interesting discussion in the forum (link at the end) – what if you cannot connect the server to the internet to download all the updates? What if you didn’t want to install all the updates but only the required updated? At the time of writing this post, no specific information was available from Microsoft on the specific update required for SharePoint 2013 Preview Search Administration Component to work, except that you run Windows Updates and download everything. One of the forum participant has now identified which update is required to fix this issue.

I can confirm that Search Admin Component is working fine after I installed the 4 hot fixes. I have not tried to install the hot fix after provisioning the Search Service Application with PowerShell, instead I installed the 4 hot fixes before configuring the SharePoint 2013 PREVIEW farm.

KB 2554876 – The SharePoint parsing process crashes in Windows Server 2008 R2 | Direct Link

KB 2708075 – FIX: IIS 7.5 configurations are not updated when you use the ServerManager class to commit configuration changes | Direct Link

KB 2472264 – You cannot customize some TCP configurations by using the netsh command in Windows Server 2008 R2 | Direct Link

KB2567680 – Security Update for Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 Edition


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