Client SharePoint 2010 Farm was having issues with Search Service Application. People search (some customised solution) worked intermittently.

Search service application had been deleted several times and re-provisioned but problem still persisted.


One of the many issues encountered was that when we accessed the My Site Settings  {Manage Profile Service: User Profile Service Application –>Setup My Sites} we saw the error message “Could not load the current My Site settings”

This was weird!

I navigated to the Manage Services on Server page to check the services and the first thing I saw was that Search Server service was running. Search Service Application had been deleted, so clicking on stop wasn’t going to work.


Stopping the Service Instance on that server, made the error disappear.

For your reference, this is how I managed to stop the Search Server service instance with PowerShell

Get-SPServiceInstance –Server APPServer01  | Sort Status

Grab the ID of the Search Server service instance ( per status this should be online)

$i = {id of the service instance}

Stop-SPServiceInstance –Identity $i