The Outlook Mobile Service (OMS) was introduced in Outlook 2007 to allow you to send and receive text messages in Outlook. It also enables you to configure mobile notifications to have important messages, calendar summaries, and reminders forwarded to your mobile phone as text messages. The OMS features depend on hosting providers which provide the connection between Outlook and your mobile phone.

Until now, few users in North America were able to use these features because only a few wireless service providers were supported by SMSLink, the only hosting provider available in North America when Outlook 2007 was released. With the recent introduction of SMSOfficer, a new OMS hosting provider, you can send and receive text messages in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 regardless of which wireless service provider you use.

Click here to create an account with an Outlook Mobile Service (OMS) hosting provider to connect Outlook 2007 with your mobile phone.


After you’ve created an Outlook Mobile Service account, click here to learn how to send and receive text messages…


…and configure mobile notifications in Outlook 2007.