This is fourth in the series – MOSS Scripted Installation.

In previous posts, I wrote about pre-requisites and a brief overview on config.xml.

Now let’s get down to real business.

All installation files will be in C:\Build\Packages\MOSS

  1. Create C:\Build\Packages\MOSS folder structure
  2. Copy Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007 installation files in C:\Build\Packages\MOSS\Server12
  3. Copy SQL Server files to C:\Build\Packages\MOSS\SQLExpress
  4. Create C:\Build\Packages\MOSS\Scripts
  5. Copy Config.xml from C:\Build\Packages\MOSS\Server12\Files\SetupSilent\ to C:\Build\Packages\MOSS\Server12\
  6. Edit this config.xml and replace with your MOSS product key. Leave the rest as is.

Launch the setup (assumption is made that you have already installed .net3 framework)

C:\Build\Packages\MOSS\Server12\setup.exe /config “C:\Build\Packages\MOSS\Server12\config.xml”

Go and have a coffee or tea whilst the setup completes. Just launch the task manager to see when psconfig.exe finishes it’s job 🙂

You are all done!

Next – Configuring SQL Express Edition to allow remote connections.