In recent weeks, SharePoint 2010 deployments have kicked off and I am collecting as much information as possible and will be sharing them here as time permits.

Just saw this on the MSDN Forums today and I think this one ‘trick’ I must make a note of such, just in case.

This is an unusual request, but a valid one, since I strongly believe and advise (since SharePoint 2007 days – geez sounds antiquated!) that social aspects aka My Sites should be the last thing to be switched on in a SharePoint roll out… especially when the organisation and IW’s are just embarking on their SharePoint journey. That’s my opinion based on my experience here.

Well to track back to this forum thread, the requirement was to Remove "I like It" , "Tags & Notes" none



From Central Administration

Navigate to System Settings

Manage Farm Features (_admin/ManageFarmFeatures.aspx)

Deactivate the Social Tags and Note Board Ribbon Controls





From SharePoint 2010 Management Shell

Disable-SPFeature –Identity SocialRibbonControl


That’s it!