The much awaited “QuickOffice” has been released for iPhone and it is now available for download via iTunes app store. It’s been said that it is the first iPhone application to enable powerful editing of Microsoft Word Documents and Excel spreadsheets .

In addition to the regular office tools it also includes file sharing and content management capabilities. QuickOffice features some additional functionalities such as emailing and drag and drop which will be available as a free update to customers in the coming weeks.

Quickoffice for iPhone offers:

  • Edit and create .doc files and .xls spreadsheets
  • Text format options, such as font size, style and color
  • Cut, copy and paste text anywhere in Word, including to another
  • document
  • Edit bulleted and numbered lists
  • Edit Word documents in landscape mode with wider keyboard
  • Wrap text at any zoom level and eliminate repetitive left and right
  • scrolling
  • Access to MobileMe iDisk accounts
  • Viewing of iWorks, PDF and other common media files
  • Supports advanced features and functions for spreadsheets, including
  • revise inputs and recalculate, and insert and resize rows and columns
  • Automatic save changes and autorestore

Download QuickOffice for iPhone Here