It is true that blogging is in! As Amit Agarwal of DI, rightly points that with the increase in number of internet users, more blogs and blog readers will keep popping up. These blogs may not be written content, it could be photos only.

And as is the case today, plagiarism is rampant. A list blogger’s like Amit Agarwal, Darren Rowse, Michael Arrington, Om Malik are all professional blogger’s and they sure have to deal with plagiarists as an addon. It ain’ an easy task and I don’t know if they use some form of mechanism to track, keep a check on this and deal with it. But they have raised a stink about this at some point.

Do they have a choice? Yes. Copyright their works. Just like an artist or a corporation, you my dear blogger/podcaster can copyright your content. Free (almost) with MyFreeCopyRight.

You can protect mostly all literary, musical, dramatical, graphical, audiovisual, sound and architectural works.

You can protect you blog/podcast too! How does this work?

My Free Copyright subscribes to your Blog or Podcast and downloads every entry you publish and date registers it. All you need to do is enter the URL to your Blog or Podcast once.

My Free Copyright captures your original creation’s fingerprint, stores the fingerprint in a database and sends a copy of the fingerprint to you in an email. The email contains the verified date; the fingerprint verifies the digital creation, and your email address verifies it belongs to you.

They have free services limited to 100 registrations and paid services namely safety deposit. For $19/year you can do 1000 copyright registrations or for $27/year you can have unlimited copyright registrations. With safety deposit you do get 2GB of storage space.

If you are using online backup services like MozyBackup or Carbonite or anything, I would think this is a better alternative.

This issue has been addressed by

  1. Om MalikGIGAOM
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  5. Darren Rowse – Problogger has written on this here, here, here, herewhew go figure!
  6. Amit AgarwalDigital Inspiration – Indian Blogging Badshah
  7. Michael Arrington of TechCrunch has not addressed this issue. (No results in search).

You can protect / monitor using:

  1. MyFreeCopyRight
  2. CopyScape (Thanks to Darren Rowse)