Are you an admirer of Brian Gardner’s WordPress Themes? I sure am. For sometime now, I have been eyeing his Revolution Theme and this contest, that he has been running, could not have come at a better time.

I’d sure would love to win one of the 3 themes he is offering for free! This blog has seen theme changes and would love to settle down with a premium theme for good. Revolution News Theme fits perfect for my blog, since I share a lot of news as it happens, in addition to my own content.

I love the way headlines have been setup – I’d use Latest Technology news here. I use different categories and keep them few as far as possible, hence news for categories would be great – like SharePoint, WordPress, Vista, Microsoft, Google.

In other featured stories, I’d use my featured content. I look forward to winning this contest.

Brian, this indeed is a great gesture on your part. Thank you.