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Is a response to Google’s Jotspot? At present you cannot use Codename “Tahiti” if

  • You are outside US (not again!)
  • You don’t have invite and password. ( I don’t have any)

What is Microsoft Codename Tahiti? Is it an improved NetMeeting application or stripped down version of Groove? Is it really an answer to Google’s Jotspot?

From what I have read so far, its a real-time sharing application. No saving in central place like Grovve or SharePoint or for that matter JotSpot. I have no clue how Jotspot works, but from what I have read, it does look like Google OS.

Microsoft Codename Tahiti is session based collaborative application that needs to be downloaded and installed. Share, collaborate and stop!

Have a browse and send me an invite if you get one 😉

Update: Amit Agarwal has more insight into Tahiti and also invites 🙂 Check it out!