ITs hot topic. OpenID. Even Bill Gates! Microsoft will support OpenID 2.0 Digg is going that way, while AOL has already adopted it. Just about everyone is talking, adopting or going to adopt OpenID. Microsoft, AOL, Technorati, Digg, Alpesh and You! 😉

Lets see what is OpenID all about. IT’s just like Microsoft Passport (LiveID) ;-).

This is how it is defined on wiki:

OpenID allows anyone who can run a web server to run an identity server. Your identity server is separate from your identity, so you are free to use any identity server that has some ability to validate your identity and you can change between them at will. An identity server is sometimes referred to as an identity provider. If you wish, you can use the services listed below with your own website as your identifier using delegation.

As of today, the following sites provide OpenID identities and servers to verify them:

  • Quality hosted OpenID server by JanRain
  • Multi-lingual, free OpenID Server with themeable profile page (import/export via foaf and hcard) and social networking relationships between openid identities hosted anywhere on the web (blogs, etc).
  • SSL-enabled OpenID server
  • TypeKey OpenID server and authentication service
  • free OpenID, Yadis and LID multi-protocol identity host by NetMesh
  • VeriSign’s PIP Free OpenID identifiers with support for the Simple Registration extension
  • Service where you can claim your pages, also features a free OpenID server
  • OpenProfile Extends OpenID to maintain and serve profile information via hcard and vCard
  • is an identity provider that includes OpenID server
  • Free OpenID server and authentication service in Chinese
  • Free OpenID server (Czech)
  • Free OpenID server and authentication service with multiple credentials such as single password, Google Account etc.
  • My vAuth ID OpenID IdP supporting speaker verification for strong authentication offered by VxV Solutions – US English Only
  • provides a free OpenID server in German
  • OpenID.PL – first Polish OpenID server; free
  • – First Korean OpenID server; get Free and Shortest URL. (한국 OpenID ì œê³µìž)
  • Sxipper – Identity manager for the web. Free Firefox plugin from Sxip. Securely manages your OpenID identities.
  • Anonymous OpenID – Free, Anonymous OpenID Provider. No signup required. Also the First (free) Indian OpenID server.
  • – lets you use your Yahoo! account as an OpenID.
  • ProtectNetwork OpenID, Shibboleth and SAML standards compliant identity server by 9Star Research, Inc
  • – Free proxy that translates your existing e-mail address into an OpenID URL and authentication service.
  • – Free OpenID provider that requires no registration nor passwords and uses Estonian eID card for authentication
  • – Free OpenID service with profile in the largest professional social network in Russia.
  • – First Japanese OpenID server; free (日本語)
  • – First Spanish OpenID server; free
  • First Dutch OpenID server. Is controlled by the OpenID Europe Foundation. Each OpenID user own a part of the Foundation.

(Source Wiki)

Popular services providing Identity Services

  • provides an identifier to every user with a journal. Many other LiveJournal-based sites also provide identity services, including Deadjournal, GreatestJournal, InsaneJournal, Livejourbal, LJ.Rossia, SviestaCiba and SAPO
  • allows registered forum users to log in at any OpenID capable service with their profile URL
  • provides a beta OpenID server, as well as journals which automatically come with an OpenID identifier
  • Wikitravel provides an identifier to each registered user
  • MyOpenLink Data Spaces (ODS) a new generation Data Space service that delivers OpenID support as part of its Semantic Web Presence creation functionality
  • Amateur Writerz – OpenID provided with account sign up (also supported for new users, thus not requiring account sign up)
  • provides an identifier to every user of their service
  • Technorati enables members to log in to any OpenID-capable service with their profile URLs
  • provides an identifier to AOL and AIM accounts. Experimental currently; see [1]
  • smugmug provides an identifier to every user of its service, and plans to soon accept OpenID authentication for posted comments

Coming up next… How I got there too 😉