• Configuration of multiple web applications using host headers for extranet.
  • Configure for extranet on port 443 (SSL)
  • Configure using Wild Card Certificate


When I tried to configure the second web application, the web site stopped with the error

Cannot create a file when that file already exists


In the given situation, multiple host headers are to be configured to use port 443. Since we are using multiple web applications on the same secure port you will need to use the ADSUtil to configure the “SecureBindings”

In addition to installing a wildcard server certificate on SSL-enabled Web sites, it is recommended to configure the SecureBindings metabase property on each site so it contains the host header name of the site. All SSL-enabled sites that use the same IP/port binding and are distinguished only by host header name must use the same wildcard server certificate.

To configure the SecureBindings metabase property for SSL host headers

From the command prompt navigate to c:\inetpub\adminscripts

Type the following command at the cmd prompt

cscript.exe adsutil.vbs set /w3svc/<site identifier>/SecureBindings ":443:<host header>"

where host header is the host header for the Web site, for example,

where site identifier is the identifier for your web site in IIS.

Sample command

cscript.exe adsutil.vbs set /w3svc/848820626/SecureBindings ""