What a pain! (Kind of, till I found out why the pain and how to work around that)

I was using Microsoft BPOS since last couple of months for some of my active domains with limited users and last month, I planned to move them over to Office 365.

Microsoft have a BPOS to Office 365 transition web site, which is pretty useless. Useless since it does not have any tools or guidance that I could use to make a smooth transition. Thankfully I hadn’t started using SharePoint in BPOS, so migrating data from BPOS (SharePoint) to Office 365 (SharePoint) is one less headache to take care of… very glad, given the pain I went through to migrate from BPOS to Office 365 for 3 users mailbox and behind the scenes with DNS, etc.

  • Create users on generic domain (*.onmicrosoft.com)
  • Add your own domain name to Office 365
  • Initiate the verification process (txt method preferred) (At Domain Name Registrar)
  • Resolve issue that you cannot have domain in BPOS and Office365 –
    • In BPOS change default domain for all users to generic bpos domain *.microsoftonline.com
    • In BPOS delete the  domain name
    • Call up BPOS / FOPE team(s) to make sure the company domain is deleted
  • Login in Office365 portal again and complete the domain verification process
  • Add/Edit DNS entries for MX records, SRV Records (At Domain Name Registrar)
    • Note: It does not matter what plan you will be using Small  Business or Enterprise. [In forthcoming post I will explain about DNS and Office 365]
  • Edit user properties from generic domain (*.onmicrosoft.com) to your domain

That’s it, you can send and receive your emails with Office 365.

Hold on, what about my emails/calendar/contacts from BPOS?

Leaving any of third-party products out of the equation, this is what I did

That’s the only way to migrate! Yes you will need to do this for each user… what a pain, but that’s the only way for you to migrate, unless you choose to wait for BPOS team to transition you.

I have couple of other Office 365 blog posts scheduled to go live in the weeks to come…

Why can’t I sign in to Lync?

Using OCS and Lync at the same time

… that’s just a teaser… I have couple of short posts lined up… stay tuned.