Last week, I got an unusual request. “Can you please migrate our SharePoint site to WSSv3?” I was like “Sure!” Can you even imagine the shocking expression on my face, when I logged onto their server! They had STSv1!!!

I was like “huh?” I didn’t know one of our clients was using STSv1. Quick search and I came up with these results. You can use smigrate to migrate to WSS v2. Yoohoo!! But, there was no smigrate.exe on the server!!!

Possible reason? The server does not have any updates as far as STS is concerned. They must have installed it and its been running since. Essential requirements before migration:

I wanted to make sure that these steps were indeed required. So, I downloaded the smigrate.exe from Microsoft Site and ran the tool on the server. This is the error I got

I have informed the client and I am visiting the site tomorrow. Since the server is live, the clients are still considering this move.


If you use the SharePoint Migration Tool to migrate a site based on Windows SharePoint Services to another server running Windows SharePoint Services, the following information is not migrated to the new site:

  • Security settings including: rights, site groups and memberships, cross-site groups, anonymous access setting, and whether or not permissions are inherited from the parent site.
  • SharePoint Central Administration settings for the server or virtual server.
  • Personalization including personal views.
  • Web Part customizations made through Modify My Web Part instead of Modify Shared Web Part.

I will certainly keep you posted on this. What prompted me to post this without the final results?

This and this. I certainly could do with this post on that day!!!

Credit goes to WSS FAQ for the guide and some other steps that I may need to take. WSS FAQ is the starting point for sharepointers!

Keep you posted!!!!

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