Further to my post on migration from Lotus Notes to SharePoint, Microsoft have released public beta of the utility suite on the Connect Website.

Excerpts from the Website

The Microsoft Transporter Suite for Lotus Domino is an integrated set of tools and resources for planning, coexistence and migration, including;

· Application Planning: Application Reports

· Directory Coexistence: *NEW: Directory Connector for Lotus Domino

· Messaging Coexistence: Native SMTP and iCal

· Free/Busy Coexistence: *UPDATED: Free/Busy Connector for Lotus Domino

· Directory Migration: *NEW: Domino account migration to Active Directory

· Mailbox Migration: *NEW: Mailbox migration to Exchange 2007

· Application Migration: *NEW: Application migration to SharePoint 2007

All this functionality is combined into a single management console making it easy to manage. In addition, everything is exposed through a set of PowerShell tasks and objects that will make it extremely easy to automate and script the migration process. This will be a huge benefit for anyone who must perform large migrations or repeat the migration many times.

Transporter Suite Video (290 MB)