Yes, almost. I did not stand in queue for hours, nor did I pay a deposit to get my hands on this most sought after gadget of 2008. However with all the media hype, I was tempted to get one since I am looking for a new device. I already have Nokia E65 which is really my nerve centre of communication currently and I needed another phone for work related activities.

It so happens that I got my hands on an iPhone after all, despite ‘sell out’ at Optus World. This was at a Vodafone store around 15 km from my home. I had the phone in my hand for 15 minutes and the verdict was – this is not for me.

7 reasons, I didn’t pick up the phone.

  1. Copy Paste – Just can’t do it! Now that is ridiculous, how can you not have such a basic feature? I was stoned! I am so used to doing this for my emails, messages on my (now retired) HP iPaq 6365, that I just refuse to accept from a device that is hyped to be the gadget one must have this year!
  2. GPS – Another disappointment! Just dumping Google Maps and giving you directions is not good enough. Where is the voice command that will guide you? Can we have a proper GPS system in place please? I don’t want to be driving around trying to read directions, it is worst then talking on the mobile and driving!
  3. Bluetooth – Do you use Bluetooth to transfer photos, files or maybe connect to your laptop and possibly use as a modem? Then you are going to be disappointed! As of now, all you can use Bluetooth on the iPhone for are headset voice calls, period. Now that is not good enough for me. Thanks, but no thanks.
  4. MMS / Video – Such basic functionality is missing.You cannot send images via MMS, I know not a big thing, since you can email these, but still.  In addition to this, iPhone won’t record video for you. Duh! Another basic tossed out.
  5. Hello – Where is voice command? As mentioned above, GPS does not help you get to your destination using voice command and likewise you cannot use voice dialling.
  6. WAF – Wife acceptance factor. Even without taking the iPhone in her hand, she dismissed the phone. She’d rather I get HTC TyTN II. Being a technologist better half 🙂 she has always had this ‘sixth sense’, one up on me. She can just look at the laptop or mobile phone and come to a conclusion – to buy or not to buy! Despite me having asked her last night, what phone should I pick up and the verdict being HTC, I went to check out the iPhone. She was right, iPhone does not technically appeal. All clear now for HTC TyTN II.
  7. Vodafone – Did nail it ultimately for me. I might have considered buying the iPhone, but the store declined to honour the AU 29$ Jumbo Cap Plan. Sorry, online store offer only. Well that might sound reasonable, but they had actually used black pen to scratch out the cheapest plan! Ridiculous!

What do you think?

Despite all these shortcoming and given that we are tech-savvy, would you give into the media hype and still buy the iPhone?