Received these pictures in an email the other day. If this is how Google operates, it is no wonder, why they are what they are today!! Will be split over couple of posts.

Enjoy the Googleplex!

Can we have something from Microsoft? It will be fun to see what happens at Redmond! Are you guys at Redmond, willing to share? I know for sure, this blog has been read at Redmond – blame it on Google Analytics!! 😉

Excerpts from the email….

Throughout the corridors between the four buildings, there are all sorts of Google memorabilia on display. They even employ guides who specialize in explaining Google’s history to people. There are lava lamps everywhere, as well as free coke and candy all over the place. They’ve also got huge multicolored exercise balls everywhere.

People’s workspaces are full of individuality, and the atmosphere is relaxed. There are couches everywhere. People can have a lie down when they need to and take a break.

Google’s staff loves sports. The big guns often have meetings at the pool table or in the corridors.

More to come….

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