I almost missed Tech.Ed 2007 in Gold Coast, Australia this year. I just did not want to miss it! Last year I flew down to Sydney at my own expense and this year by the time I could get the tickets, it was sold out! SOLD OUT! No matter how many ‘contacts’ you tried, you just couldn’t get there. My last resort was to pester my managers to lend me their ticket.
In the end it paid off! On tuesday, I emailed my executive manager to see if there was any chance of getting a ticket. Late in the evening he emailed me with a very pleasing response. Yes! He wasn’t going to be there and that I could have his ticket! WHOA! I checked the email at 2000 hours! Now how in the world would I be able to manage transportation to Gold Coast? I live in Brisbane which is an hour’s drive from Gold Coast. I immediately emailed our admin team, request for car to be booked from our fleet. At the same time I messaged my executive manager to keep him in loop.
Next morning (Day One of Tech.Ed 2007), I got an email from the fleet manager – Sorry no cars available. Even before I could react, our admin officer arranged for a car to be booked with AVIS rentals (with prior permission taken from my manager)! Cool!! All sweet and all sorted. Now all I had to do was collect the letter from my executive manager and pick up the car and drive off to Tech.Ed 2007!
In the meantime, my executive manager emailed me that I could have the ticket for a day only, since other members of my former team would be sharing this ticket with me. I was like… what choice do I have :-)? Well, the good news came in 15 minutes, when he called me. He said I can have the ticket for all 3 days! COOL! Only condition – he would like to attend the closing party at Movie World. That suits me, since I wouldn’t be interested in drinking and then driving back to Brisbane!
All sorted, I picked up the ticket, the car and headed straight to Tech.Ed 2007.
I did miss out on some cool sessions on Day One at Tech.Ed 2007, but I got to meet a lot of cool people in the evening at Ask the Experts meet. That is the aim! To meet people, whom you have never met before. It’s all about socialising and networking with other professionals. You can pretty much get most of the information these days via blogs, but you really don’t get to see that face behind a blog post or a whitepaper.
This year’s Tech.Ed is different from what I have seen and experienced so far. I look forward to blogging about it as days go by. Stay tuned.
Until then….