Yeah! You read it right! No more Vista for me! I am writing this post which was due since last week. It is more personal then technical, but if you are of my loyal rss reader, you would not want to miss it.

Starting of on a personal note, I would like to share some great news that I have been wanting to since last week. I have made a career progression. One that is very close to me. It is a dream come true. I am still with the same employer, but with a different business unit since last Wednesday. I have started working on …. SharePoint! I have taken on this role of Senior Project Officer for next 6 months! Wow! Working all day on SharePoint!! How cool is that? It sure is very cool for me!

If you have been following this blog and know me by now, then you know how passionate I am about Microsoft SharePoint! I just love it! Within my organization, I am what you and they call – SPOT – Single Point of Truth – for anything and everything that is SharePoint! I am kinda flattered when my line manager, executive manager or for that matter any refers to me as “Guru of SharePoint”. I won’t undermine my talent and my passion for SharePoint, but hell I have got lots to learn and do.

The best thing about this project is that I will be working with a team to develop Intranets in School on Windows SharePoint Services version3! That sure is very exciting! This move from enterprise team to strategic team has had some serious technical consequences for me! 😉

In my earlier role, I was member of Server Administrator group. This meant that I had access to all the software applications to ‘test’ and use! Obviously being local admin was normal, which I now label as privilege! This also meant that I did not have Standard Operating Environment! And this in turn means, I was using Vista.

All of the above is gone! I am back to XP, no local admin rights and a big no to anything that is not within the purview of Standard Operating Environment!! Duh! Well the brightest side to all this, SharePoint development! Wow! I love it! It has been one hell of a week. Lots of meetings, planning and a holiday tomorrow 😉

Reading emails is a dream, let alone reading feeds or even blogging. But, I won’t let that happen. I will be using BlogMailr to keep in touch and for geeky stuff on SharePoint – I am working on that! More SharePoint content from my end, but other stuff that I had planned will be slow to flow.

On more personal front, my travel ordeals (I should not say ordeal, ‘coz it is no where near to what it could be for me in Mumbai 🙂 ) have started. Earlier I took the city cat (Ferry) to get to work and I was in office in flat 30 min from home. Now I have to change trains to get to work…

None of this has dampened my spirits, ‘coz I love working on SharePoint Technologies and its one more dream come true.

Until next iteration of announcement…