Getting spammed is probably a sign of some visibility in the interland. For starters it may be ámusing’, but then it does start to get on your nerves. As if email spam wasn’t enough.

Since September 2006 – 4 months after I started blogging and with some content indexed by Google, I had lot of spams popping up and being taken care of by Akismet. I was sick of managing this from the dashboard in WordPress. So how did I bring this spam, pretty much under control, you might want to read as under.

1. Get yourself an awesome Green Beast Çontact Form Plugin from Mike Cherim. In the past I have used another contact form plugin, which was definitely not secure, since I got inbox spammed like hell! So do yourself a favor, get Mike Cherim’s Green Beast Contact Form. I won’t name the other plugin, it is not good to do that. If you really want to know, email me via the contact form 😉

2. Spam Karma 2 Plugin - I have been using this plugin for quite sometime now. Actually since 6 weeks and I have applied ‘Total Beeatch’ in General Settings. So far it has netted 3844 spam. Since Sk2 went ‘live’I have not seen anything in Akismet. To assess Sk2, I turned it for a week and your guess is good as mine. So it is back on. You can configure as per your requirements.

3. Bad Behaviour Plugin – Is the latest addition, after some spam seemed to ‘slip’ through SK2. Bad Behaviour is awesome and it has been online since last 10 days now. I have not ‘moderated’or ‘deleted’ any spam. This plugin takes care of it all. You do not need to configure anything.

4. Akismet Plugin – Is the default plugin with standard wordpress installs. It does its job, but having to moderate, delete spam is something that you would not want to do. I have not experienced the latest release of Akismet Plugin, which is only a week old. I will turn off all plugins at some stage and will repost my thoughts.

In all, I use these 4 plugins to beat spam. I started with Akismet, then added Sk2, then Green Beast Contact Form and lastly Bad Behaviour Plugin. Today, I am happy as a puppy 🙂

Get them.

  1. Bad Behaviour Plugin
  2. Akismet Plugin
  3. Green Beast Contact Form
  4. Spam Karma 2

These are tried and tested methods to slam the door on spam for your blogs. The biggest and strongest weapon in your arsenal is the Green Beast Contact Form Plugin. The other three are truly your best defense, vouched for by Quick Online Tips as well. On a side note about - Akismet has created a useful link on above the moderation screen called – “Recheck Queue for Spam“. Just click it and Akismet will recheck the entire queue awaiting moderation and clean out all spam via Quick Online Tips

Do you encounter a lot of spam? I know Community Server gets thrashed! What measures you have taken?