This is an interesting one and when I saw the answer to this question in the MSDN forums, I knew that is worth referring to on my blog.

This was the question:

When a list in SharePoint 2010 has inbound email setup, for example, it would be: MyList@sp2010.domain.local (sp2010 is the name of the SharePoint server, domain.local is the local domain).

How to change the @sp2010.domain.local to something else, like: @sharepoint.domain.local?

Jeff DeVerter (Rackspace) had the answered this question and this is his response, which was marked as the answer:

  1. Go to IIS Manager>Default SMTP Virtual Server>Domains

    1. Action> New> Domain…> Alias> Next> (specified domain)> Finish

  2. Go to Central Administration>Operations>Topology and Services>Incoming e-mail settings

    1. Enable sites on this server to receive e-mail? Yes
    2. Incoming E-Mail Server Display Address: (specified domain)
    3. Safe E-Mail Server: Accept mail from all e-mail servers
  3. To test incoming mail go to: SharePoint site> Shared Documents> Settings> Document Library Settings > Communications> Incoming e-mail settings
    1. Incoming Mail: Allow this document library to receive e-mail? Yes
    2. Incoming Mail: E-mail address: shared
    3. E-Mail Security: Accept e-mail messages from any sender
    4. Send e-mail to shared@(specified domain), wait approximately 5 minutes,and check the site Shared Documents.