So far I have covered Google Services in  6 Part Series. If you have been using any of these services, share it with us all you experiences. Whats good and what could be better and what would you like to have or how these and any of these services made a difference.

For me gmail really made the difference and now its google apps and next could be docs and spreadsheets. Whats in it for you?

Recap of Google Services

-Part 1- Google Search.

-Part 2- Google Reader

-Part 3- Google Docs and Spreadsheets

-Part 4- GMail

-Part 5- Google Reader

-Part 6- Google Apps for your Domain

I know gmail and google reader are the most popular. Why gmail? Well you have 2 posts to refer to – here and here, to help you make up your mind! As far as Google Reader is concerned, you can see that I have done 2 in the Google Services series. That is good enough a reason for you to use these services. Besides my these posts, I am currently compiling a post on gmail hacks and that should be out of the door end of this month.

Apart from these direct posts, I had done another post on Enterprise Search – Google or SharePoint. Did you enjoy reading that post?

No doubt, Google rules web services of the day. I am also working on something very interesting in relation to Google. That also should be out end of next week. Keep any eye out.

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