I know, I was going to do the gmail in the series, but I got distracted with Google Docs and Spreadsheets!
I am writing this from Google Docs and this will be updated, as I explore features.

Alpesh Nakar

Testing Google Docs.
It can be collaborated and when updated, you will be notified if you subscribe to RSS Feeds. This is subject to me inviting you!
It can be published and you can see the document from a unique URL assigned by Google which is this.
It has Revisions, revisions history. Now that is awesome!

It can be edited on the fly! It can be published to a blog as well!!
WOW. You sure need a broadband connection for this. I think. Lets see.
Wonder if I can use my Windows Mobile to access this.
I will try it tonight 🙂

First Edit: I published it to my SharePoint Blog and realised that my google services series is not published there. So, I was able to remove the post from Google Docs – Publish Option – Remove from Blog. My guess is that I will have to republish this. Lets see how it handles this.

Update: Does not work with Mobile. http://docs.google.com does not support this browser.

Secondly, Garamond fonts used in the document messed up my post and the blog site. Did you notice that before? Well, I was not amused. I am editing this from WordPress Editor and I am going to take a dig with normal fonts tomorrow. Lets see. I trust blogging/publishing is secondary. However, must note that you need a good connection. Is it true that you need a good broadband connection? You my readers, leave your comments on this.