This is part 1 of a series of upcoming posts on Google Services.

Lets start with Google Search. We all live by Google Search. They certainly revolutionized search.

Arguably is the step in the right direction, as far as search is concerned. I have found satisfactory results and solutions on and not on Google Search.

Lets look at the actual results I got for my search: How To Install SharePoint 2007 Beta 2

Look at Google Search Results and now look at Results. Spot on! gave me the exact result – first link, first page.

Rod Trent at myITForum swears by search.

However, I must admit, the first place to start search still remains Google and I believe that this is more out of a habit, then choice.

And then there is Google Mini, which is enterprise search. Could this be a threat to 2007 MOSS (Microsoft Office Server System)? Not really, as per the comments on this blog by Dan

From prospects and customers, many limitations to the Google Mini compared to SharePoint (or Coveo for SharePoint):
1. No security
2. One collection
3. No API
4. Low query throughput
5. No upgrade path for more documents (must buy full appliance for $30k/2 years)
6. Provided from an Advertising company, not an enterprise software company
7. No way to upgrade software
8. No SharePoint integration
9. No way to fix HW or OS issues
10. Must re-purchase every two years
11. No wildcard, no boolean, no stemming
12. Web content only
13. Page Rank does not work in enterprise
and dozens more.

Google is certainly the default option and with Google co-op for web publishers, integrating with adsense – smart choice too. has made available custom search macros, but you don’t make money out of it, so I will stay out of it. Unless and MSN adcenter follow this business model.

Next to come… RSS Feed Reader….