Continuing my series on Google Services, this is another on Google Reader.

Google ReaderIf you have read my previous posts on Google Services, you will agree with me that Google Reader is indeed the feed reader of the day and that I have been using Google Reader for quite some time now.

Today I have stumbled upon some cool goodies of Google Reader, that Ajax goodness and using the keyboard to make the most and the best of Google Reader. These keyboard shortcuts are not hidden away, but if you have seen and experienced it before, you will agree with me that they are cool. You can find them by going to help in Google Reader.

I will list all of them, but will also highlight my favorite ones here. Lets start with my favorites and then we can work down from it.

Subscription Selector

This is the Ajax goodness. Just type in gu and lightbox pops up with all your subscriptions listed.Google Reader Shortcut

Type in the subscription name and it is likely that even before you complete the name, your subscription name will show up and you just hit enter. Google Reader Shortcut

This will open up your subscription. You don’t need to scroll through all your posts to get to your subscription!

Tag Selector

Just type in gt and lightbox pops up with all your labels. Google Reader Shortcut

Type in the label name and hit enter. This will open up your subscriptions with the label name.

River Of News

You can have this in Google Reader! Pick your choice or combine all.

Type in:

  • ga – Goes to All Items
  • u – removes the sidebar
  • F11 – Full Screen
  • 1: switch to expanded view
  • 2: switch to list view
  • n/p: scan down/up (list only)
  • o/enter: expand/collapse (list only)
  • j/k: next/previous item
  • m: mark item as read / unread (For unread it is not listed in help, but I tried it and it works!)

Item Related

  • space/<Shift> + space: next/previous item or page
  • s: star item
  • <Shift> + s: share item
  • v: view original
  • t: tag item

Other Shortcuts

  • <Shift> + n/p: next/previous subscription
  • <Shift> + x: expand folder
  • <Shift> + o: open subscription or folder
  • g then h: go home
  • g then s: go to starred items
  • <Shift> + a: mark all as read
  • r: refresh

I love this and have printed this list and sits in the form of a post-it on the LCD. It’s only matter of time, before I get used to. Do you have any tips and tricks that you would like to share with all of us? Any other feed reader tips and tricks that you would like to blog about here? Contact me via the contact form and we will have it here for all!