gMail certainly changed email management. Having been straddled with measly 2 MB mailboxes, unless you chose to host them professionally or used ISP-of-the-day provided mail boxes. Then if you did use ISP mail boxes, you had to worry about forwarding, etc. Seriously, how did we manage without gmail? I guess we did manage, but that is because we had no options and we had to keep mailboxes fit and trim ๐Ÿ˜‰

For me, I have been using my personal domain nakars DOT com since 2000 – self hosted at home, giving me the flexibility of imap, so I wasn’t too worried. For junk, I used variety of web-based providers and was never a fan of Hotmail. Trust me. I had couple of yahoo ids for trash mails.

And then gmail happened! Definitely looks leave a lot to be desired, but you have ways of getting around that. If you use gMail and Firefox, you are better off, customizing the looks and the works. The works = customization, integrating Google Reader in your mailbox. IT’s all about technology! Yes, its the scripts that drive gMail and as such the customizations are possible.

I have not come across any webmail provider, having a spam filter as effective as gMail. Gmail spam filters are awesome. Search is the backbone of Google and has it’s down excellently with gMail.

Filters! Well you can’t have enough of it. First of all, the filters that you create gives you an option to apply to existing conversations. Now that’s gold! I haven’t see that with any webmail provider. It sure is in Outlook and if gMail can add the feature to select the conversation and be apply to a rule filter then I feature request will be put to rest.

Labels are good, but somehow I not a big fan. Conversations again a new way, but mind you its available in Outlook. I use it for emails received from various discussion lists and its great in Outlook. I am looking at some of the Outlook features and am certainly hoping that Google will achieve with gMail, as Outlook has on desktop. Gmail has lot to achieve, but the startup has been great. Let me look at some of the features that I use, apart from the ones listed above.

  • All Google Services (subscribed for) listed at the top.
  • Gtalk
  • Received an Excel file (.xls) in your email, open it with Google Spreadsheets!

  • Using unlimited aliases By the way straight forward “Help” is available here – Gmail: Help Center
  • Mapping tracking info. I just love it! Have you seen that before? This is what I see, when I am expect some shipment. How good is that?Would you like to…Track USPS packageEQ….US

    Track USPS package


  • Using Gmail as a quick notepad. It saves automatically and I can search for it. No worries!
  • Using Greasemonkey scripts to combine gmail emails and Google reader!
  • I don’t see the need for cleanup, since labels and filters pretty much do the needful.
  • Use Stylish and Firefox and your mailbox will look something like this. Stylish: Firefox Add-On that transforms your gmail user interface from this to this! This is possible using one of the scripts.

  • Use Stylish and relevant script to see attachment icons in gmail. Now that’s cool ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Gmail: Labels box with pretty colors.
  • This one’s a clincher!
  • Gmail is everything for me. My hosted domains( I have 10 domains and 7 are hosted on gmail!) Rest are with I started my hosted domains with live and now you know why I moved over to gmail. I have not even touched on all hacks and features of gmail, because I haven’t used them 100%, but some of the links that can help you get started are listed here under for your game!

Get the best of gmail:

Yes, I have read that Google has enabled Mail Fetcher feature, certainly a welcome feature which it will roll out across to the users over a period of time. Fair enough. I don’t have pop access with Yahoo, so that is sure to knock it off. I don’t know if emails or or will come down as well. What else matters to me? Nothing, because I have all my emails on gmail circuit anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ I use only 1 account and others of course filtering, archiving, backups. Good that you have “Send As” and I don’t have issues if it says mail from instead of Less chances of being spammed. But from what I have read here, it looks like it might change with gmail. Atleast that is what I would think at this stage. Only has Send As enabled, but it clearly states, sent from XYZ on behalf of ABC. The complete address! What is the point? I don’t want it that way!!!

And of course comes the news that just like Microsoft Office Live, Google has done it! Yes, sign up for domains and get hooked onto their hosted domain services ( which is next in the series to come from me ). Now that is good news, not bad for $10, only Microsoft is giving it free! Well, you have to make a choice, but trust me, Gmail is the way to go.

And don’t forget, you can read your gmail from PDA. If you have a smartphone, checkout gmail mobile app. What am I missing?!

You simply cannot get this with any other mail provider.

Well, how old is gmail? 2 years at most? I have been using for over a year now and I believe that it will be some time before all possible feature requests and the collaboration happens.Sure could do with IMAP. You can sort of.

You have a list to share with me and others?

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