I love this new look of my Google Reader!

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Hicksdesign has developed this theme to make Google’s online feed reader resemble a Mac OSX application. Installation is straight forward.

All you need is Stylish for Firefox.

Other browsers supported – Camino, Safari, Omniweb, and Opera.

Installation instructions from Hicksdesign website:


Download gReader.zip. There are 2 versions, one for Mozilla browsers and one for WebKit & Opera.


Once you have the Stylish extension installed, just copy and paste the css into the ‘create styles for this page’ window.


In Camino, either paste this into your /Library/Application Support/Camino/chrome/userContent.css file, or if that file doesn’t exist, rename the greader.css file to be userContent.css. The theme will be applied when you restart Camino.


Once Safaristand is installed, place the greader.css file in your user/Library/Safari/Stand/UserStyleSheets folder. Then visit Google Reader, go to SafariStand > Settings > Site Alteration. Add the site, enable Site Alteration and choose the greader file from the list. Make sure the matching pattern is just www.google.com. You may have to empty your cache, restart Safari and refresh before seeing any changes!


In Site Preferences > Page Appearance, choose the greader.css file under ‘Style Sheet’. The change should happen instantly!


Put the greader.css file anywhere you like! Right-click on the Google Reader page, choose “Edit Site Preferences” and select the CSS file through the display tab, under ‘My Style Sheet’. Like Omniweb, the change should apply immediately.

Download gReader.zip. There are 2 versions, one for Mozilla browsers and one for WebKit & Opera.

Thank you Hicksdesign. I love my Google Reader more and more!!

Do you still use some other feed reader? I am after a solution that will sync offline with Google Reader. It’s got to be free 🙂 Well any feed reader as good as Google Reader but with offline sync.

You suggest.