I’m lucky… or should we say those who use Google Homepage as their homepage are lucky? I don’t use Google as my homepage. I use live.com as my homepage. Much before Google came up with themed homepage, live.com did it with Valentines Day, etc.

Lets see what’s been up with Google Homepage these days…

  • Add keyword-based tabs to Google homepage
  • Google Calendar adds homepage module and calendar publishing
  • Google Homepage adds personalized tabs
  • Google Homepage adds thumbnail view of RSS feeds
  • Add live TV to your Google homepage
  • Google homepage modules bonanza
  • Google homepage goes mobile

Tony Ruscoe unveils Google Homepage Easter Eggs:

If you want to see any of the easter eggs without installing Greasemonkey or any other extensions, just paste this code into your browser’s address bar and hit enter (remove the line break though):
For Beach:

For City Scape:

For Sweet Dreams:

For Tea House:

For Seasonal Scape:

In fact, you can replace the /ig/skins/sweetdreams/sweetdreams_3.14am.css part with any of the other stylesheets found in the XML files above if you want to see what the other themes look like at different times of day or during different weather conditions!

That is cool Tony! Have you found something?