Yes. Google Apps still remains free, but now comes with new business-oriented features, conference room scheduling for Calendar, 10GB of inbox storage, extended business hours support and mobile access to your email on BlackBerry Devices.

Download the Google Apps Premier Edition datasheet

Try Google Apps Premier Edition for free through April 30th, 2007.

Google Apps now comes in 3 ‘flavours’

Standard, Education and Enterprise. The first 2 still remain free. Google Apps Enterprise will cost you USD 50 per year and you get the additional features.

In terms of Standard package, I as a user of this service, get everything that I could ask for free. They have integrated Google Docs and Spreadsheets, in addition to customised service URLs (, (, start page; which is great! I don’t need any of the ‘enterprise’ features, so all in all, as a user aka small business I am happy as a puppy 🙂

What do you think? Will this ‘Enterprise Edition’ take off? Are you using Google Services? Have a read of my series on Google Services

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I know, I had promised something on Google Services in my last post on Google Services. I am still working on it and hope to complete it soon. Until then…

Alpesh Nakar