I have been using both. Lets take a quick look at what both offer. Then you decide, which one is for you.

Google Apps Enterprise:

  • domain name for use with email and website
  • website creation wizard (Page Creator)
  • 10 GB email storage (per user)
  • no limit on document storage
  • unlimited accounts (since pricing is per user, you get what you pay for)
  • document collaboration through Google Docs & Spreadsheets
  • leverage Google API for integration with other applications
  • $50 per user, per year ($250 per year, assuming 5 active users)
  • Google Apps and Avaya (VOIP/IM integration)

Microsoft Office Live Essentials:

  • domain name for use with email and website
  • website creation wizard
  • 2 GB email storage (per user)
  • 1 GB workspace storage
  • 50 email accounts (you@yourcompany.com)
  • business contact manager and workspaces for document collaboration (10 users)
  • website add-ins sold as modules (for advertising and other purposes)
  • $19.95 per month ($239.40 per year, assuming 5 active workspace users)
  • Microsoft and Nortel (VOIP/IM integration)

Google Apps Enterprise free until 30th April 2007.

Microsoft Office Live free for 30 days.

Which one is for you?


  • You are more interested in having reliable tools for email and collaboration, than you are in having a new point-and-click website.
  • You and your co-workers are using a mix of different platforms, including Mac OS X.
  • You and your co-workers are comfortable using web-based tools for email, word processing or spreadsheets.
  • Your business is not entirely based on attracting and cultivating customers. Maybe you have a handful of accounts, but don’t need to track a lot of customer interactions. Maybe you’re a nonprofit organization, school or faith-based organization. Maybe you own a blog network. The possibilities are endless, and you don’t want to be confined to a standard business model.
  • You are always online.

Then the answer is Google.


  • You don’t already have a website for your business and want to get something for the world to see that’s quick and easy.
  • You and your co-workers are all using computers running some version of Windows.
  • You and your co-workers already own some version of Microsoft Office and are prepared to continue using Outlook, Word and Excel as the hub of your business communications and processes.
  • Your business is based on customers…attracting them, interacting with them, and keeping them.
  • You won’t always have access to the internet.

Then the answer is Microsoft.

Mate, the ball is in your court now!

Alpesh Nakar