I love Flickr, especially now that you can use Windows Live Photo Gallery to upload. With so many tools available from the community, Flickr experience is more enjoyable.

Upload is fine, but what about download? I would like to download all photos, edit and then upload. What options do I have?

Flickrbackup – Open Source Project on SourceForge – Java Based Flickr Download Utility
Flickrdown – Based on Microsoft .Net 2 platform.

I have used Flickrdown and it does its job. With Flickrdown, I did not see all photos that were on my site.

But the clincher is Flickrbackup. It does require one time authentication to read your Flickr account, but then it reads your account and displays all photos [if you have selected all photos], thereby giving you an opportunity to be selective …

With Flickrbackup, I could see that it had read all the photos and then it was matter of “Select All” and done.

Also it gives you Backup Options – Backup To Hard Drive – additionally as zip or Backup to Media!

Thats awesome!! What do you use for Flickr downloads