Since last night, I have not see my feeds burning! It is just blank! Panic mode!! I checked my theme files, I had not made any changes and I was clueless to what was happening. This morning, I have deactivated the plugins that redirect my feeds to Feedburner. I can access my feed This means that my theme is ok and everything is alright from my end.

Looks like Feedburner issue to me. Yes, just as I was writing this, I saw this post in their forums and it seems there could be an issue.

Did you guys face this issue at all? Drop in a line.

UPDATE: Confirmed with fellow blogger at SharePointBuzz, issues with FeedBurner!

UPDATE: Issues with my feeds specifically, since I had activated Event Feed in Feedburner and since this blog has nothing to do with event services like Google, there is no point in having it on!

Feeds are burning now! Grab one today 😉