Just as I was browsing through Mark Harrison post via Angus Logan on MOSS 2007 – Search Evaluation Guide, I read news about feature enhancements to Google Search Appliance, on another site.

Google Search Appliance

What caught my eye was – Open Source Connectors for Microsoft SharePoint. This is their new feature to index and search content residing in Microsoft SharePoint 2003 and 2007.

How many organizations you know of who are using Google Search Appliance? At the same time how many organizations you know of who are using SharePoint? Search in SharePoint 2003 left a lot to be desired, but that is not the case with SharePoint 2007 – Page12 of MOSS 2007 – Search Evaluation Guide and also recommend customer testimonial links at the end of page.

There has been a lot of focus on Enterprise Search. And the release of MOSS 2007 – Search Evaluation Guide is just an indicator of how 2007 Office System will bring Web 2.0 to the Enterprise. It is worthwhile to read the white paper (link at end of post), co-authored by Arpan Shah, who delved into the topic of Web2.0 in the Enterprise, on his blog.

Google Search Appliance may be apt for organizations that aren’t going to use SharePoint 2007. If they are using other WCMS, then they could benefit using the Google Search Appliance or even Google Mini. However, I am not able to comprehend this connector for SharePoint. Is this a challenge to Microsoft SharePoint Search technology?
What do you think?


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