If you change the display option in config.xml as follows, then the setup file will install MOSS but will not run the SharePoint Configuration Wizard a.k.a psconfig.

<Display Level=”Basic” CompletionNotice=”no” />

There are a lot of advantages to not running SharePoint Configuration Wizard. As I was finalizing this post, I read on Chandima’s blog, which echo the concerns I have had, of using SharePoint Configuration Wizard (SPC from here on 🙂 )

Earlier I have written on how psconfig can be used for configuring WSS installation. Same applies to MOSS. You get complete control. With SharePoint 2007 iterations, stsadm is not the only powerful command line tool available. Psconfig is another great cli tool.

In this post, I will share with you the psconfig commands, that you can run and your MOSS will be configured with your desired options.

psconfig.exe -cmd configdb -create

psconfig.exe -cmd helpcollections

psconfig.exe -cmd secureresources

psconfig.exe -cmd services -installall

psconfig.exe -cmd services -provision

psconfig.exe -cmd installfeatures

psconfig.exe -cmd adminvs -provision -port 8080  (this will install central administration on port 8080)

psconfig.exe -cmd evalprovision ( run this only if it is a single server installation – that is what we are doing MOSS on SQL Server Express Edition )

psconfig.exe -cmd applicationcontent install

That’s it. This is nothing new, it has been blogged before and my sharing it with you is part of the series on MOSS Scripted Installation. More so, it validates what I have done and it has been echoed time and again.

I have been using to test our deployment, since last 3 months now. Our deployment is going to be very interesting – 1000+ MOSS Sites – all with their own database, etc 🙂

I will be using this very technique, so it’s straight from the field.

With this script, your MOSS scripted setup is complete. What you get is Central Admin, SSP, MySite, SiteCollection. This is possible using evalprovision cmd.

Remember, you get to configure only the Central Admin Port.

Want to configure ports for SSP and have host header for site collection? Hmm.. stay tuned. 😉

This is seventh in the series – MOSS Scripted Installation.