It’s been quite busy at codeplex these days on SharePoint front!

Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog have released the following SharePoint Community Kits in last couple of days.

  • World Clock and Weather Web Part – Since MSNBC web parts were discontinued, alternative to this was an enhanced solution from Bamboo Solutions. This has now been made available by them as a CK for SharePoint.
  • SharePoint End User Training Kit – Free end user training that can be made available from within your MOSS Portal. This is awesome. It can be delivered via the SharePoint Learning Kit (another mind blowing kit) or as a standalone deployment option (not released as yet). This is available through Microsoft Connect and requires Windows Live ID.
  • Internet/Extranet Edition Forms-Based Authentication solution – A practical solution for internet facing MOSS sites made easier. CKS: Internet Extranet Edition team have just released a pre-Beta version of their FBA solution. Your feedback is vital to help finalize the release of this kit by February 2008.
  • Virtual Earth Maps on SharePoint – Microsoft’s Information Services Group have donated this production quality source code to the Community Kit for SharePoint shared source project. Microsoft’s Information Services Group uses VE maps to power a "Campus Maps" application that runs on the SharePoint-based corporate intranet portal. This app provides an easy, centralized way to find buildings and resources across Microsoft’s numerous campuses around the world.

Whew! I’d be very keen to try the SP End User Training Kit. I have played with SLK and it is awesome. I have just finished downloading SPE UT Kit and won’t be getting around installing this until end of this week. I will come back with my thoughts on these sometime next week. Stay tuned!


World Clock and Weather Web Part | SP End User Training Kit | CKS:IEE FBA | VE Maps on SharePoint