I have been evaluating Windows Azure [CDN – Images on this blog] and Amazon Glacier for storage and I will most likely end up using both for

  1. VHD to spin up environments on the fly in Azure (need to try this and for that I must get the VHD up in Azure Blobs)
  2. Cheaper Storage of Data – Glacier is definitely cheap at $0.01 per GB / month

Now with multiple “cloud” storage accounts – you need one client, irrespective of the storage provider you use. For me it’s the CloudBerry S3 Backup Enterprise Edition (since I can have unlimited network locations backed up)

Top 5 Features for me:

  1. Virtual Disk – My Cloud Storage mounted as a local drive VirtualDisk
  2. Real-time Backup – Sync data, since Live Mesh is no more Real-Time
  3. Encryption – All data except SharePoint Virtual Machines Encrypt
  4. Compression – SharePoint Virtual Machines Backed Up Compress
  5. Multiple Cloud Storage Support – Azure, and Amazon Glacier it is for meStorageAccounts

Check them out and see which edition is right for you.