PowerShell To Set Web Application

The Set-SPWebApplication cmdlet configures the Web application specified by the Identity parameter. For any settings that are zone-specific (for the Zone parameter set), the zone to configure must be provided. The provided zone must already exist.

Get-SPWebApplication http://server | Set-SPWebApplication -Zone “Extranet” -HostHeader “http://www.justsharepoint.com” – AllowAnonymousAccess

This example sets the HostHeader URL for the Extranet zone of the given Web application as http://www.justsharepoint.com and enables anonymous access.

PowerShell Script To Change Managed Account Password

Of all days in the week, on Sunday [August 21, 2011] I decided to tease my SharePoint 2010 development environment! I decided to change all the SharePoint 2010 Service Account(s)password.

Thank you Microsoft for introducing the managed accounts, else I would be clicking away for a long time, having to go through each application pool to change the password (map this scenario to MOSS 2007 or WSSv3). With managed accounts associated with application pools, it was a matter of changing the password for the managed account and it would ‘cascade’ down…

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