This is a continuation of the series Re Imaging SharePoint VMs on the fly.

Once you have finished with the task of preparing the virtual machine, it’s time to create a Windows Image File (WIM) for re-use at a later stage.

Navigate to the folder where you have imagex.exe

Run this command

D:\Virtualisation\imagex.exe /capture m: d:\justsharepoint.wim “NKR”

Figure here under explains the command


/capture m: = the virtual hard drive where we have installed and configured Windows Server 2008R2, Active Directory,SQL Server 2008 R2 etc. as per the previous post.

Capturing an image is a memory intensive process!


Of course nothing like taking a snapshot, it is slow to capture but then you get bare metal power!

This image took 22 minutes and 24 seconds.


That’s it!

Next post in the series will show you how this can be applied to another partition on the drive or another virtual hard drive.